Sunday 16 June 2013

Opensource Forensic Tool UnHide To Find Processes Hidden By Rootkits

UnHide: To Find Processes Hidden By Rootkits 

Unhide is a forensic tool to find processes hidden by rootkits, Linux kernel modules or by other techniques. It detects hidden processes using six techniques:

  •     Compare /proc vs /bin/ps output
  •     Compare info gathered from /bin/ps with info gathered by walking thru the procfs. ONLY for Linux 2.6 version
  •     Compare info gathered from /bin/ps with info gathered from syscalls (syscall scanning).
  •     Full PIDs space ocupation (PIDs bruteforcing). ONLY for Linux 2.6 version
  •     Compare /bin/ps output vs /proc, procfs walking and syscall. ONLY for Linux 2.6 version
  •     Reverse search, verify that all thread seen by ps are also seen in the kernel.
  •     6- Quick compare /proc, procfs walking and syscall vs /bin/ps output. ONLY for Linux 2.6 version.
  •     Unhide-TCP

unhide-tcp is a forensic tool that identifies TCP/UDP ports that are listening but are not listed in /bin/netstat through brute forcing of all TCP/UDP ports available.

Unhide Forensic Tool, Find hidden processes and ports

How to Use ?

  •     -f    Write a log file (unhide.log) in the current directory.
  •     -h    Display help
  •     -m  Do more checks. As of 2010-11-21 version, this option has only effect for the procfs, procall, checkopendir and checkchdir tests.
  •     -r   Use alternate version of sysinfo check in standard tests
  •     -V  Show version and exit
  •     -v   Be verbose, display warning message (default : don't display). This option may be repeated more than once.

Compiling :

gcc –static unhide.c -o unhide
gcc -Wall -O2 –static unhide-tcp.c -o unhide-tcp
gcc -Wall -O2 –static -pthread unhide-linux26.c -o unhide-linux26
gcc -Wall -O2 -static -o unhide_rb unhide_rb.c

Available for Windows & Linux Platform. Download latest Version : Windows or Linux 

Download Unhide


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