Saturday, 7 September 2013

Introducing New JARVIS Operating System

Jarvis v0.1 (Artificial Intelligence based Operating System). Indian Cyber Security researchers has designed JARVIS. HOC talked with one of the developer named Chiragh Dewan, 18 year old, who is pursuing BCA. 
Its totally different from other OS because its function can be control by voice.

1) Introduction on Jarvis OS
Jarvis is different, because it can interact with its users using voice and gestures. It’s also a server which can be accessed by many clients (we call them nodes), so basically it's a new concept, one which is new and better than anything available in the market.

2) Introduce Developer & Their Team
Himanshu Vaishnav and Chiragh dewan originally founded this project. We were driven by our passion about bringing Jarvis to life. We designed the system Together. This project is output of our combined efforts and our individual knowledge.

Our team consist of 7 members both founders [Chiragh & Himanshu], Vikas [AIML], Vinmay [API], Sravan [UI], Mayur [Programming].

3) Aim to make Jarvis OS
To make a new product, a new technology with a fresh approach to the technology. Our motto is making Jarvis a companion to its user, we are making a life Automation system.

4) Features of Jarvis OS
Jarvis interact with humans with voice, gestures, sensors, and behavior. It will automate it's user's life with its capabilities of learning from usage and use previous data to generate new facts.

5) How much time is remaining to launch Jarvis OS?
We are at working hard to finish the first public version, world will know when we will launch.

6) Jarvis OS is Free or Paid?
Haven’t decided yet!!! 

7)Tell something for our readers.
It's you guys that gives us confidence to go forward in our endeavor. Just keep liking and following us and we will amaze us.


JARVIS Project Website


  1. dude this my post how can you copy my question?????

  2. We were not copied, We talked with developers and they sent this post.


  3. read the intresting facts about Jarvis OS: An Artificial Intelligence system

  4. Are you guys planning on implementing and integrating Computer Vision based utilities to JARVIS Operating System?

  5. WHERE can i download the JARVIS OS file please


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