Thursday 2 January 2014

HOC Team Is Wishing To You Happy New Year 2014

Hello Our Dear Readers , Believers  & Supporters. I must mention this from my deepest sense of appreciation that this won’t have become true without you all . Hackers Online Club  is  actually been  indebted  for your  immense support , love , gratitude & inspiration to do something better .

Whatever HOC is at present , this would still have been in the rarest dreams of mine without you all guys . Adversities were the challenges that HOC have accomplished as a group & overcame in order to get where we are now at present .

I also extend my special thanks to Mohit Kumar, Chandrakant Patil, Kislay Bhardwaj, Rafael Souza, Aditya Gupta, Aalaap Shrivastava, Cemyra D'Costa and also who gives their contribution & enormous co-operation for bringing it will be website among the top #Alexa Rank 85,681 & Google Page rank is #4.

There are still many to whom I cannot thank enough for their contribution & their willingness to work for HOC & take on the completion of tasks beyond their caliber , approach & comfort level .

HOC’s greatest year of all which would have never been  meaningful  & effectual without you all who have always been in our favor.

Thank you so much for every support that we needed .


Priyanshu Sahay 
Founder Of HOC 


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