Wednesday 16 April 2014

Hack Wi-Fi With The Same SSID To Create Fake Access Point

Hack Wi-Fi With The Same SSID To Create Fake Access point

Security researcher N B Sri Harsha's  has shared this trick with us. "Hello friends I Share My One Of My findings trick In WI-FI Network. 

I Have Found This Vulnerability In My  College Network  ,  We have 70 Rooms In  Our College  , Every Room Has a Router  , All Routers Are Connected To A Switch , when I Tried To Connect  To A Router It Was Showing Only 1 AP,  rather Than Showing 70 AP's , ( For Both Smartphones And lappies) 

This Made Me To Think Something Evil , What will happen If i Started A  Wifi  Hotspot With The Same SSID  :D :D , 

Ya this Worked , Who Are Near To Me  Will Connect To My Wifi , *If  He Was Connecting For The First Time * ,  Between I Have Put The Same password as that of my college WiFi password , 

But This is Something Social Engg , To make him To Connect Him For The First time :/ , I don't Like It

Then i Got A New Idea  , Why  I Should Not Try In  Public  Open Networks

There Are Many Public Places Which Gives Open Wifi Hotspot . like kfc ,starbucks , pizzhut ...etc

 So I Have Tested  This Vulnerability With Two Android Devices  and Windows 8 lappy

- I Created A Open Hotspot  With Same SSID  In Both Devices

- I Opened My Lappy And  It Was Only Showing One SSID

- When I Tried To Connect , It Was Connecting To The Wifi Hotspot Which is Near

- So if  in a public place , if the attacker starts a fake access point with same SSID , The Victim Who Is Near To Attacker hotspot , Will Be Connected To The Attacker's AP ,  The Attacker Can Now Sniff The Packets

I Have Checked This Vulnerability  In Laptops And Smartphones  , Both Are Vulnerable.
So Every Traffic Will be Sent To Your Access Point So you Can Do Man In The Middle Attack.
This Video Will Help You  In How To Create An Fake AP and Capture traffic

The Script used In The Video :- link So I Will Be Going To Make A Full Demonstration Video On This After My Exams , probably in the end of this month.

Thanks For Viewing :)"

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N B Sri Harsha's, if you have any details regarding this contact here :- [email protected] or


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