Wednesday 2 July 2014

Learning Advance Puppet Manifests In Linux #Tutorial

Learning Advance Puppet Manifests In Linux. Puppet is an open source configuration management utility. Puppet can help you to reach a more consistent way of managing your servers. 

Step 1.

So first we start to understand what Puppet is, how relevant it is in today's environment? How Puppet is used to manage hundreds of Linux servers remotely?

Step 2.

In the 2nd step you learn the important of learning puppet in managing huge IT infrastructure. Puppet Master is used to push configurations for all Linux Servers known as Puppet Agents. Using Puppet Master you can install / remove packages, configure servers, create users, install / remove kernel updates, latest patches etc on hundreds of Linux servers without physically moving or accessing those machines. 
Puppet Agents are configured to go to Puppet Master and fetch their manifests.

Step 3.
In the third video we are learning about puppet manifests. Importance of puppet in managing Linux infrastructure. Puppet manifest installing, configuring and starting the ssh service on client machines. Writing the configuration files, only when it is not present using replace attribute within file resource of puppet manifest.

About The Author:
This tutorial has sent by Alok Srivastava. He is the founder of Network Nuts, India's most loved Linux training company.


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