Tuesday 19 August 2014

Hack PDF Password By ParanoiDF PDF Analysis Tool

ParanoiDF is a PDF Analysis Suite based on PeePDF by Jose Miguel Esparza. The tools/features that have been added are – Password cracking, redaction recovery, DRM removal, malicious JavaScript extraction, and more.


These are only the newly added features, not the original peepdf features which can be found here.

crackpw – 

This executes Nacho Barrientos Arias’s PDFCrack tool by performing an OS call. The command allows the user to input a custom dictionary, perform a benchmark or continue from a saved state file. If no custom dictionary is input, this command will attempt to brute force a password using a modifiable charset text file in directory “ParanoiDF/pdfcrack”.

decrypt – This uses an OS call to Jay Berkenbilt’s “QPDF” which decrypts the PDF document and outputs the decrypted file. This requires the user-password.
encrypt – Encrypts an input PDF document with any password you specify. Uses 128-bit RC4 encryption.

embedf – Create a blank PDF document with an embedded file. This is for research purposes to show how files can be embedded in PDFs. This command imports Didier Stevens Make-pdf-embedded.py script as a module.

embedjs – Similiar to “embedf”, but embeds custom JavaScript file inside a new blank PDF document. If no custom JavaScript file is input, a default app.alert messagebox is embedded.

extractJS – This attempts to extract any embedded JavaScript in a PDF document. It does this by importing Blake Hartstein’s Jsunpackn’s “pdf.py” JavaScript tool as a module, then executing it on the file.

redact – Generate a list of words that will fit inside a redaction box in a PDF document. The words (with a custom sentence) can then be parsed in a grammar parser and a custom amount can be displayed depending on their score. This command requires a tutorial to use. Please read “redactTutorial.pdf” in directory “ParanoiDF/docs”.

removeDRM – Remove DRM (editing, copying etc.) restrictions from PDF document and output to a new file. This does not need the owner-password and there is a possibility the document will lose some formatting. This command works by calling Kovid Goyal’s Calibre’s “ebook-convert” tool.

  • In order to crack passwords:
    • PdfCrack needed (apt-get install pdfcrack)
  • In order to remove DRM (editing, copying Etc.):
    • Calibre's ebook-convert needed (apt-get install calibre)
  • In order to decrypt PDFs:
    • qpdf needed (apt-get install qpdf)
  • In order to use the command redact:
    • NLTK (Natural Language ToolKit) needed (apt-get install python-nltk)
    • Java (Stanford parser is written in Java) needed (apt-get install default-jre)

Download ParanoiDF here


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