Tuesday 14 October 2014

Snapception: Intercept and Decrypt All Snapchats Received Over Your Network

Snapception: Intercept and decrypt all Snapchats received over your network.

Installing is easy:

pip install snapception 

Starting it is easy too:

snapception --help
Usage: snapception [OPTIONS]


  -v, --verbose        Enable logging
  -vv, --very-verbose  Include mitmdump in logging
  -o, --output TEXT    Specify output directory (Default is ~/snaps)
  --help               Show this message and exit.


Configure your device to use a proxy pointing to Port 8080 of the host computer
Install a CA on your device by visiting mitm.it once connected to the proxy
Watch all the Snapchats you receive over the network become available on your computer.

Snapception, intercepts all snapchats received over the network so long as the receiving device is connected to the computer running Snapception via a proxy. Those applications also require you to manually login and save your snapchat before officially opening it; Snapception automatically intercepts, decrypts, and saves your received snaps.



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