Thursday, 4 December 2014

Crash Your Friend WhatsApp Account Remotely [TUTORIAL]

Crash Your Friend WhatsApp Account Remotely [TUTORIAL]

Recently published a report here on the blog a new flaw found in WhatsApp, where you can catch Application on the phone of another person by sending a message 2KB, made up of characters that the app can not decipher.

The process is simple:

1 - Through its cellular visit the link Pastebin containing the characters

2 - Select all characters, copy, select a conversation and paste. It could be a private conversation or in a group.

3 - Message sent, now only await the outcome.

Link with message 2 KB in Pastebin:
When the reader will click on message, then WhatsApp will be crashed.

Note: The responsibility is yours to crash private groups or conversations.

Thanks to my friend Juliana for the help.


  1. This crash was resolved in the latest update

  2. How can use, which code paste in what's app

  3. How can uses this, which code paste in WhatsApp


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