Monday 2 March 2015

BTS PenTesting Lab - Open Source vulnerable Web Application Platform

BTS PenTesting Lab - Open Source vulnerable Web Application Platform.

Are you a Penetration Tester, an Information Security Specialist and/or simply a Learner in Cyber Security?

This might be the right Pentesting Platform for perform your Penetratration Tests and Upgrade your Skillz! This is BTS Pentesting Lab an Open Source vulnerable Web Application Platform developed by Cyber Security & Privacy Foundation ( It can be used to perform and learn all about many different types of web application vulnerabilities.

Currently, the App Contains the following Types of Vulnerabilities:

*SQL Injection

*XSS (includes Flash Based xss)




*File Inclusion

* Code Execution

*Insecure Direct Object Reference

*Unrestricted File Upload vulnerability

*Open URL Redirection

*Server Side Includes(SSI) Injection

 and more...

Direct Download Link:

-) Download

More details are available here:



About the Author :
Christian Galeone is a Cyber Security Researcher from Italy, he's currently studying to I.I.S.S. Marco Polo ( Vocational Technical Institute | Vo-Tech ) attending the IT Programming Class.
He has been Acknowledged by the TOP 5 Companies including Yahoo!, Microsoft, AT&T, Sony etc.  He is currently working with HOC as author of Cyber Security & Critical Tools Research Articles.


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