Friday 6 March 2015

How To Protecting Critical DNS Infrastructure Against Attack

How To Protecting Critical DNS Infrastructure Against Attack

DNS is a critical infrastructure of the Internet as every web transaction involves a DNS service provided by an ISP.

What is DNS DDOS Attack?
A DNS amplification attack is a reflection-based distributed denial of service (DDos) attack. Here attacker can sends a DNS lookup request by using the spoofed IP address to the vulnerable DNS servers. This is most popular attack in the history

This white paper outlines the recent DDoS attacks on DNS services and challenges of mitigating those attacks.

Learn how:

  • DNS DDoS attacks take advantage of weaknesses in the DNS protocol
  • Attackers launch a high bandwidth sophisticated attack on their victim
  • Attackers use amplification effect
  • Securing DNS service requires rethinking on perimeter security with dedicated tools to identify and mitigate these new breed of attacks on DNS services.

You can download this book as free offered by Radware Inc.

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