Monday 1 June 2015

FTPMAP - Advanced Remote FTP Scanner

FTPMAP - Advanced Remote FTP Scanner
Start Hacking FTP Servers? 

Well, this might be a good startup tool!
FTPMAP is the Right Script for you! - It gave's you a lot of valuable information that may aids you in a Security Pentest!

What's it?

Ftpmap scans remote FTP servers to identify what software and what versions they are running. It uses program-specific fingerprints to discover the name of the software even when banners have been changed or removed, or when some features have been disabled. also FTP-Map can detect Vulnerable by the  FTP software/version.

How to compile it?



make install

Usage Commands!


  • -s <host>     - the FTP server.
  • -P <port>     - the FTP port (default: 21).
  • -u <user>     - FTP user (default: anonymous).
  • -u <password> - FTP password (default: NULL). 
  • -x <cmd>      - run command on the FTP server.
  • -v            - show version information and quit.
  • -h            - show help and quit.


ftpmap -s

ftpmap -P 2121 -s

ftpmap -u joe -p joepass -s fto.server

ftpmap -u joe -p joepass -s ftp.server -x "SYST"

Download Link:

About the Author :
Christian Galeone is a Cyber Security Researcher from Italy, he's currently studying to I.I.S.S. Marco Polo ( Vocational Technical Institute | Vo-Tech ) attending the IT Class.
He has been Acknowledged by the TOP 5 Companies including Yahoo!, Microsoft, AT&T, Sony etc. He is currently working with HOC as author of Cyber Security & Critical Tools Research Articles.


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