Tuesday 11 August 2015

Organizations Need To Be More Concerned About Their Security

Organizations Need To Be More Concerned About Their Security.

Nothing is secure! Yes, you heard it right. Today we point of some recent hacks.

From a top range of cars to high potential planes, all have been found vulnerable many times.

SuperCar Tesla S gets Vulnerable
Starting from the recent hack of Tesla Model S car, two researchers have found a vulnerability in the internal network of Tesla’s dashboard and it was successfully penetrated with the help of software command and they could even plant a trojan into the Model S’ network and remotely disconnect its engine from the dashboard.

America Airlines And Sabre Systems
Now the same thing happened with the American Airlines too, Chinese Hackers have breached the American Airlines and Sabre Systems and got access to hundreds of airlines reservations and thousands of hotel’s data but evidence have not been found yet.

Security Breach In Pentagon Computers
Another big breach was Pentagon Access, Russian Hackers got access to Pentagon email systems and affected 4,000 Joint Chief’s of Staff Personnel (both military and civilian) and now the system has been shutdown for around two weeks.

Skateboards Also Compromised
And not only this but your Skateboards are also being compromised. Recently, two security researchers Healey and Mike Ryan developed an exploit called FacePlant which can seize the device and take over the control of electric Skateboards and they have also presented their findings in DEFCON Conference held at Las Vegas.

Ashley Madison Dating Website Hacked
Ashley Madison Website Hacked: Hackers Want To Release 37 Million Users Data. Ashley Madison is and undertaking site to the online personals & dating destination for easygoing experiences, wedded dating, attentive experiences and extramarital issues. 

Hacking Team Got Hacked
Italian Surveillance Company "HackingTeam" Got Hacked, 400GBs Data Leaked Online! An Italian company that sells spying tools to government and law enforcement agencies has been hacked with 400GB data of internal documents, source code and emails. -


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