Friday 14 August 2015

PortDog: Port Scanning Tool In Python

PortDog: Port Scanning Tool In Python

PortDog is a network anomaly detector aimed to detect port scanning techniques. It is entirely written in python and has easy-to-use interface. 

It was tested on Ubuntu 15. Please note that, it is not working on Windows OS due to suffering from capturing RAW packets.I am working on to write this script to work both platforms. In future , I'm thinking about adding firewall options that could block malicious attempts. It is using Raw packets for analysis. For this reason, please ensure that you have run this script from privileged session.


sudo python -t time_for_sniff_in_minutes

For example, if you want to detect for 5 minutes use:

sudo python -t 5

For infinite detection use:

sudo python -t 0

If you want to get list of scanned ports , press CTRL+C to get port list at runtime (If scan was happened).


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