Monday 28 September 2015

How To Hack iPhone To See Photos and Contacts Just in 30 Seconds

How To Hack iPhone ?
To See Photos and Contacts Just in 30 Seconds!

A new method to unlock a iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running on latest iOS 9 and iOS 9.1. The vulnerability has been discovered to access the device contacts and photos within 30 sec.

How to do unlock for iOS 9?

  • Type incorrect password 4 times 
  • For the fifth time Type the password 3 times and in 4th time hold the HOME button to invoke SIRI by the 4th digit.
  • Now ask the siri about the Time.
  • Tap the Clock icon to open the Clock app and add a new Clock, then write anything in the Choose a City field.
  • Now double tap on the word to select, you wrote to invoke the copy & paste menu, Select All and then click on "Share".
  • Tap the 'Message' icon in the Share Sheet, and again type something random, hit Return and double tap on the contact name on the top.
  • Select "Create New Contact," and Tap on "Add Photo" and then on "Choose Photo".
  • You'll now be able to see the entire photo library on the iOS device, which is still locked with a passcode. Now browse and view any photo from the Photo album individually.

Watch Video for bypass iOS 9 Lockscreen

After this bypass attack Apple have been updated new version iOS 9.0.1 but its still we can bypass its lockscreen.

Look below Video demonstrate:

Video for bypass iOS 9.0.1 Lockscreen

How To prevent by this attack?

Until Apple fixes this issue, iOS users can protect themselves by disabling Siri on the lock screen

  • Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > Siri
  • Turn off Siri

Just few days back Biggest Security Breach In Apple App Store Gets Malware Infected.


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