Monday 21 September 2015

PEinjector - MITM Portable Executable (PE) File Infector

PEinjector - MITM Portable Executable (PE) File Infector

The executable file format on the Windows platform is PE COFF. The peinjector provides different ways to infect these files with custom payloads without changing the original functionality. 

It creates patches, which are then applied seamlessly during file transfer. It is very performant, lightweight, modular and can be operated on embedded hardware.


  • Full x86 and x64 PE file support.
  • Open Source
  • Fully working on Windows and Linux, including automated installation scripts.
  • Can be operated on embedded hardware, tested on a Rasperberry Pi 2.
  • On Linux, all servers will be automatically integrated as service, no manual configuration required.
  • Plain C, no external libraries required (peinjector).
  • MITM integration is available in C, Python and Java. A sample Python MITM implementation is included.
  • Foolproof, mobile-ready web interface. Anyone who can configure a home router can configure the injector server.
  • Easy to use integrated shellcode factory, including reverse shells, meterpreter, ... or own shellcode. Everything is available in 32 and 64 bit with optional automated encryption. Custom shellcode can be injected directly or as a new thread.

Provides PE file patching as a service. Just send the raw header of your PE file and you’ll receive a custom-made patch for it. Can be remotely controlled via a command protocol.

Web interface to configure and control a peinjector server. A small shellcode factory with some basic shellcodes, automatic encryptoin/obfuscation and thread generation is provided - alternatively, custom shellcode can be injected.

Sample MITM integration. Based on Python and libmproxy, supports SSL interception, can act as transparent Proxy, HTTP Proxy, ... . Provides seamless PE patching capabilities.


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