Tuesday 20 October 2015

CIA Director Email Account Gets Hacked By 19 Year Old Student

CIA Director Email Account Gets Hacked By 19 Years Old Student.

Teen, who claimed that he hacked CIA Director "John Brennan" AOL Email account. 

“We are aware of the reports that have surfaced on social media and have referred the matter to the appropriate authorities,” a CIA spokesman said.

But this report is really shocking that how he easily hacked CIA director personal Email account.

How Teenager Breached into The Email?
According to Wired, he wasn’t working alone but that he and two other people worked on the breach. He says they first did a reverse lookup of Brennan’s mobile phone number to discover that he was a Verizon customer. Then one of them posed as a Verizon technician and called the company asking for details about Brennan’s account. This process called Social Engineering.

What he found into the Mail?

  • 47 page application for top Secret Security clearance.
  • Social Security Numbers and personal information of more than a dozen top US intelligence officials.
  • Hackers also claimes to have accessed a Comcas account associater with Johnson.

Teenage hackers was handling the Twitter account @_CWA_, where he leaked

  • Phone numbers
  • Social Security Numbers
  • E-mail addresses
  • A level of security clearance and employment status in some cases

After the report Twitter Suspended his account.

According to nypost,
He explained “CWA” stood for “Crackas With Attitude,” which he said referred to him and a classmate.

The hacker contacted The Post last week to brag about his exploits, which include posting some of the stolen documents and a portion of Brennan’s contact list on Twitter. The hacker’s Twitter page includes the Muslim Shahada creed, which translates as, “There is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.”


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