Monday 5 October 2015

MEMSCAN A Memory Scanning Tool For A Specific Sequence of Bytes

MEMSCAN A Memory Scanning Tool.. 
For A Specific Sequence of Bytes!

A memory scanning tool which uses mach_vm* to either dump memory or look for a specific sequence of bytes.
To build MEMSCAN, you will need to have the OS installed. Well, you don't really need it but it makes life easier.

Once Theos is installed, simply navigate to the MEMSCAN folder in terminal and run:

make package install


Dumping the memory of a process

  1. Obtain the target process PID, using ps.
  2. Provide the PID to memscan:

./memscan -p <PID> -d

Finding objects in memory

Open your target app or process in a disassembler, grab first ~16 bytes (customise this number as you will) of the method you want to hook and these bytes will be your "signature".

Write the signature to a file, make sure to encode the bytes like so:

echo -n -e '\x55\x48\x89\xE5\xB8\x15\x00\x00\x00\x5D' > needle

Run the scanner against the target process. It will locate the signature in memory and print it's address. The signature has to be passed in as bytes, not a literal string so use the scanner as shown:

./memscan -p <pid> -s <Path to file containing needle> 


./memscan -p 1234 -s ./needle

MEMSCAN should then print the address where the needle is located in memory.



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