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eXo Platform: An Open Source, Enterprise Social Platform

eXo Platform An Open Source Enterprise Social Platform

eXo Platform: An Open Source, Enterprise Social Platform

In 2002 this open source project begins by eXo, as the industry's first Java portlet container. But, due to customer demand the project grew into a company in 2003. Now the result is in front of us, eXo is a rapidly growing global company, whose headquarters is in San Francisco, California and global headquarters are in France, and offices in Tunisia, Ukraine, and Vietnam.

Definition: eXo Platform is an open source social-collaboration software designed for enterprises. It has so many features like ( extensible, based on standards and amazing design.)

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Features of eXo Platform:

Portal Framework

        - Standards-based: JSR-286 container, WSRP support, and OpenSocial container facilitate the                integration and reuse developed 3rd party apps.
        - Customizable: Management of page and layout is very easy using drag and drop and                           WYSIWYG editors.
        - Authentication and Security: Compatible with major SSO solutions (CAS, JOSSO, and                         OpenSSO) and JAAS.
        - Multilingual support: This software is available in Multilingual languages like English, French,           Italian, Portuguese and Japanese and is readily translatable.

Content Management

- Website creation: By developing or extending templates build advanced websites. Content can            be added easily in both frontend and backend.
        - Multi-site support: Using the same platform we can easily build intranets, extranets and                       corporate websites and are able to share users, content and applications between sites.
- Document Management: Store and manage file documents in an xCMIS-compliant repository.


        - Profiles: You can add information about your professional background and skills.                                 Co-workers with related or relevant knowledge and experience should be find and connect with           others in your organization through the people directory.
        - OpenSocial: It contains OpenSocial-compliant gadget container that enabled to supports                      oAuth, REST and RPC Social APIs.
        - Spaces: Create your own collaboration spaces complete with dashboards, discussion forums,               calendars, and documents. Invite other users to join.

Collaboration & Knowledge Management

- Wiki: It improves knowledge capture and sharing.
- Forum: Message board with built-in security, rating, polls and moderation.
- Calendar: Only those calender allows users to manage multiple personal and group agendas                 and share them with others that are Complete and integrated.
- Answers & FAQ: Build and manage your users’ knowledge assets via a powerful Q&A                       system.

The Standards compliance are: JCR, CMIS, OpenSocial, WEBDAV, FTP, iCal, JEE, Portlets.

Enterprise Integration: single sign on (CAS, JOSSO, OpenSSO, Kerberos / SPNEGO, SAML),           LDAP & Active Directory.

Databases used are: MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, MS SQLServer, Sybase, DB2.

App Servers : Tomcat.

JVM : Oracle Java 6 and 7, OpenJDK 6 and 7, IBM Java 6 & 7.


Those applications that need content management eXo platform can easily develop it that, access control, or social features. For building and integrating applications, gadgets and mashups, it includes a web-based IDE. In addition, it also offers native mobile applications, a full-featured enterprise wiki, multi-tenancy and cloud management capabilities.

Source: exoplatform


- It is easy to setup.

- No maintenance cost and flexible billing.
- It is fully customizable.
- Enterprise integration and multiple support plans.

Here is the video about what you can do with eXo platform:

Watch Video:


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