Tuesday 26 January 2016

katana Framework For Hackers And Professional Security Researchers

katana Framework For Hackers

katana Framework For Hackers And Professional Security Researchers.

katana is a framework written in python for making penetration testing, based on a simple and comprehensive structure for anyone to use, modify and share the goal is to unify tools serve for professional when making a penetration test or simply as a routine tool.

The current version is not completely stable, is recommended update ever that you use it.

Katana Framework Support

  • Brute force to http 403
  • Brute force to form-based
  • Admin panel finder
  • Scanner vul's cms joomla
  • Denial of service web
  • Who-is web
  • ARP-Spoofing attack
  • Host's up in my LAN
  • ARP-Spoofing detector
  • Port Scanner
  • Getting information with web
  • E-mail boombing SPAM
  • facebook phishing plataform
  • Brute force to zip files
  • Brute force to rar files
  • Console ftp client
  • Console sql client
  • Console pop3 client
  • Console ftp client
  • Start SQL server
  • Start Apache server
  • Start SSH server
  • Brute force to ftp
  • Brute force to ssh
  • Brute force to sql
  • Brute force to pop3
  • Dictionary generator

If you want install ktf use:

git clone https://github.com/RedToor/katana.git
cd Katana
chmod 777 install.py
python install.py



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