Tuesday 16 February 2016

Adobe CC Contains A Bug That Deletes Important Data Secretly

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Adobe Creative Cloud Contains A Bug That Deletes Important Data Secretly

The latest version of Creative Cloud that is Adobe Creative Cloud version Adobe Creative Cloud contains a bug that can easily delete important data of the user, unrelated data from the root directory without any warning and permission. The cloud backup service Backblaze has discovered it. So, many users faced a problem that their some useful data has been deleted by Adobe app. 

Firstly, at the time when the Mac users log in to the Adobe service, their data is being deleted. After sign in whatever the folders are in Mac's root directory, they all are deleted by a script activated by Creative Cloud in alphabetical order. Because of the hidden root folder that is .bzvol in the root directory, all the Backblaze users are hit by the bug. All the backup service relies on that particular folder only. 

"This caused a lot of our customers to freak out," Backblaze Marketing Manager Yev Pusin wrote in an e-mail. "The reason we saw a huge uptick from our customers is because Backblaze's .bzvol is higher up the alphabet. We tested it again by creating a hidden file with an '.a' name, and the files inside were removed as well."

3 videos have been published by the Backblaze officials that contain the following.

This video is all about the installation and update of Creative Cloud 

Watch Video:

When the company did another test on non-Backblaze customers as well, it again deleted the file while signing in to Creative Cloud:

Watch Video:

Even when the non-hidden folder comes first alphabetically. It again did the same deletion.

Watch Video:

This bug could be so serious even if it deletes important data permanently and silently. It really has a devastating affects. Twitter is being flooded with so many complaints regarding unauthorized data deletions by Adobe Creative Cloud users on Friday. Those people who don't use Backblaze contains a .DocumentRevisions-V100 folder in Mac root drive that store data which is required for Version history functions and Mac autosave to properly work.

An Adobe spokeswoman issued a statement that says: "We are aware that some customers have experienced this issue and we are investigating in order to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. We are stopping the distribution of the update until the issue has been resolved." The version that appears to be causing the deletions is, Pusin said.

Until detailed guidance releases by Adobe those users who haven't installed the update should have to hold off. But those who have already installed it then they shouldn't log in or if they want to protect then they have to simply create a hidden folder in the root directory that comes in the first place alphabetically.

Just follow these steps to do this.

Step 1. Open the terminal and to make directory type the following command (given below)

sudo mkdir /.aaaaaaadobedontdeleteme

By doing so, your important data is on a safer side. This folder will protect your all real ones folder.

Adobe has issued an updated statement to PetaPixel:

“Yesterday we were notified that some customers had an issue with an update to the Creative Cloud Desktop application. We removed the update from distribution and deployed a new one which addresses the issue."


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