Friday 26 February 2016

Anonymous Hackers Hacks French Defense Ministry Website To Protest Against Arms Trade

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Anonymous Hackers Hacks French Defense Ministry Website To Protest Against Arms Trade 

The Web Portals of France Ministry of Defense have been hacked by Anonymous hackers in order to protest against the foreign arms trade operations of the country and leaked the database of site. The French Government has been accused by the Anonymous hackers for selling weapons to a country like Saudi Arabia.

Anonymous hackers revealed the incident publically and said that they have targeted the CIMD (Centre d'Identification des Materiels de la Defense) portal, which is a smaller site of Ministry's. Then after the website went down and the users got a message saying that "Our web portal will be temporarily unavailable due to maintenance actions."

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Database has been leaked and admin panel access has been gained.

Website database has been leaked by Anonymous hackers that contain very important information like (accounts of websites, sessions of PHP, FTP client usernames and army suppliers and partners too). Among them, the sensitive data is only the server usernames (including plain-text passwords) but not all.

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Apart from this, these Anonymous hackers also revealed the screenshots of the site's admin panel. It was easy to target the French Defense Ministry Website because from past months or year many vulnerabilities have been gathered by the CMSs in droves.

The primary aim was to protest against the France's international arms trade.

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The data which has been dumped were related to a lucrative arms trade sector and France's weapons industry. The dumb data was made accessible by the Anonymous members, to justify their attack you can easily get the dumb data from many press articles. 

An Amnesty International 2012 article contains some links of dumb data, which was left behind by the hackers that contain the world's second largest arms trader as France. 

"Weapons are selling by France to Saudia Arabia, and they also bought surveillance and spying tools from the firm of Italy (The Hacking Team).


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