Monday 1 February 2016

Cryptokiller: A Tool Designed To Stop And Detect Cryptolocker Malware

Cryptokiller: A Tool Designed To Stop And Detect Cryptolocker Malware

In recent weeks, users and institutions rather head painful Cryptolocker working on malware, detecting the transmission of Cryptolocker malicious software to the operating system, the process (process) someone created a tool called stop Cryptokil cost.

Windows 7 Enterprise with SP1 (x86) also after testing on this vehicle he tested five different cryptolocker malware we've decided to offer to everyone before the start of a new outbreak.


Cryptokiller is a tool that is designed for the purpose to detect and stop the infection of Cryptolocker malware and also kill the infected process. Prior to any infection or attack, we need to install it.


  1. Cryptokiller tool should be on the operating system before the infection takes place.
  2. Cryptokiller can detect & kill the Cryptolocker process.
  3. Run this software with administrator privileges.
  4. It supports only 32 bit Windows 7 at the moment.
  5. Python 2.7 and Winappdbg module should be installed on the system.

Cryptokiller can run without GUI by running it with "hidden" parameter. (cryptokiller.exe hidden). You will find the log file inside C:\Cryptokiller folder.

Tool Constraints:

  1. Cryptokil tool, cryptolocker must be running on the system before transmission of malware from the system.
  2. To detect Cryptolock it must be encoded into at least one file on the system.
  3. The tool should be run with administrator privileges.
  4. It works on 32-bit Windows operating system.
  5. On the system Python 2.7 and Winappdbg must be installed on the module.

Tool "hidden" parameter and if you run (cryptokiller.ex hidden) and information about the transactions, you can work without a GUI realized in C: \ Cryptokil are to be registered under the folder.



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