Saturday 27 February 2016

Firmwalker: A Simple Bash Script

Firmwalker: A Simple Bash Script

Firmwalker: A Simple Bash Script

Definition: A FirmWalker is a simple bash script. FirmWalker is used for searching the extracted or mounted firmware file system. 

The extracted firmware file system includes the things of interest such as: 
  • etc/shadow and etc/passwd
  • etc/ssl directory is listed out
  • SSL related files is being searched such as .pem, .crt, etc.
  • Configuration files search
  • Script files
  • .bin files search
  • find the keywords as admin, password, remote, etc.
  • Common web servers used on IoT devices are search.
  • Common binaries are search such as dropbear, ssh, tftp etc.

You can also reviewed and deleted the data if it is desired from file.

How can you Use it?

'./firmwalker {path to root file system}'
Example: './firmwalker linksys/fmk/rootfs'

Where the script file is created a file "firmwalker.txt" will also be created in same directory, unless a different filename has been specified. If you put the file inside the directory to be searched, then the script search it itself and the file chmod 0700 is being created.


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