Sunday 13 March 2016

2016 Cyber Security Essentials - The Ultimate Defense Kit (a $39.99 value!) Download Free

2016 Cyber Security Essentials

"2016 Security Essentials - The Ultimate Defense Kit (a $39.99 value!)"

Kit includes “Windows Malware Analysis Essentials” plus 3 other resources to help you understand network security.

By delving into end to end analysis with real-world malware samples to solidify your understanding, you'll sharpen your technique of handling destructive malware binaries and vector mechanisms. You will also be encouraged to consider analysis lab safety measures so that there is no infection in the process.

Use this knowledge to protect yourself and your business, today!

The following kit contents will help you continue your research on Security:

  • Windows Malware Analysis Essentials
  • Online Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking - FREE Video Training Course
  • The Threats From Within
  • 3 Things Network Teams Need to Know

Offered Free by: TradePub


Update: This Defence kit out of Stock now.


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