Wednesday 13 April 2016

Microsoft Ends Support To SQL Server 2005

Microsoft Ends Support To SQL Server 2005

Microsoft Ends Support To SQL Server 2005.

Are You Ready?

On Tuesday there are various marks at the end of support for Microsoft SQL Server 2005. That’s why it means that the companies relying on it are just about out of time. And there will be no more updates from Microsoft. That’s why staying with the software that could disclose you up to a crowd of risks.

Even Microsoft encourages the users to move towards the SQL Server 2014 or Azure SQL Database. But one thing is clear that those aren't the only options. Either there is a way  where the transition is going to take some time.

If you have not already been working on it but now the most important thing is to act rapidly to minimize the amount of time of your company is left uncovered.

Tim Hegedus who is the senior manager of the analyst team with Miro Consulting said, "The biggest risk stems from continuing to use the product when there is any kind of uncontrolled or external access to that database. Any security breach can be damaging not just monetarily but also reputationally."

David Mayer who is the vice president of product management for software with Insight noted that the agreement problems can also be consequences for organizations in financial services as well as on other industries where regulations are needed to the use of supported software.

Mayer described as, unluckily, the updating process of SQL Server is usually not a matter of easily plugging in the new version as well as the apps also construct on the database that can be the much bigger challenge. There might be a requirement of the reconfigured or upgraded as well.

Hegedus said that.the organizations that have not designed in front of Tuesday that should initiate by evaluating their legal, financial as well as reputational exposure.

Emergency funds for the project may have to be found.

Even the companies should also look closely at all exploitation and categorized them into one of the following categories: 

1) Purely internal and not needing any action. 

2) Requiring an upgrade 

3) He said, needing some level of additional support from Microsoft.

He also added that "My guess is that it will be some combination of at least two of those for the majority of companies.”

As well as the Mayer also persuades the companies to regarded as the seriously cloud-based option is Azure. He described that "Not only is this an excellent opportunity to dip into the Azure pool, but it solves the problem quickly and easily. Instead of buying a new server, installing a bunch of software and then moving the data, an Azure SQL VM can be spun up in just a few minutes."

Even the Microsoft proposes an open-source migration tool to help the other companies for taking that route. No matter what you do but he requires clearly a priority to the project for IT.

Mayer said, "IT is all about competing priorities, and triaging IT projects has become an art form.
Whereas looking in front of he recommended that "don’t go through this again. SQL 2008 goes off support in July 2019. Start looking at instances of SQL 2008 now to give yourself plenty of time."


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