Thursday 26 May 2016

34% Of People Willing To Compromise With Their Online Safety For Loosing Weight

34% Of People Willing To Compromise With Their Online Safety For Loosing Weight

As summer has started and it reaches in just around the corner the people are looking for quick diet solutions online to obtain their bodies to ‘beach ready'. 

A third of Brits that is approx up to 34 percent that  is willing to give up their online safety to drop a few pounds by clicking on potentially malicious websites that recommend helping ‘lose belly fat'.

That’s why Intel Security has researched on the diets as well as practices for fitness of 1,000 Brits and also found that 25 percent admit to purchasing a service as well as product from a promotional link without expressive it whether or not the site is safe. Only 65 percent of Brits who know how to check if a website is safe & secure.

Promotional sites which offer to help the customers to lose weight are the number one site which Brits admit that they would click on to help achieve their goals of weight loss. And these weight loss sites are pursued by ‘get cashback' as well as followed the ‘get-rich-quick' offer. After clicking through to a promotional site, 58 percent assume or would not know that a site was genuine.

Not only women search for a great summer body. But also both sexes are exposed to malware waiting behind many ads of dieting, even with 61 percent of men who are clicking on those websites compared to 52 percent of women.

Nick Viney who is the VP of the consumer at Intel Security says, “Diet and fitness are probably the last thing one would associate with cyber-criminal activity. Yet the reality is that cyber-criminals are becoming increasingly savvy when it comes to understanding the consumer mind-set and with, their online search habits. As such it is increasingly important people understand safe online searching behavior and how to identify potentially risky sites and emails.”


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