Wednesday 11 May 2016

Facebook Drops First Round In Suit Over Stocking Up The Biometric Data

Facebook Drops First Round In Suit Over Stocking Up The Biometric Data

Facebook Inc (FBO) missed the first round in a court fight against some of its users who take legal action the social networking company claiming it "unlawfully" gathered as well as stored users' biometric data resulting from their faces in photographs.

On Thursday, the judge supervising over the case in a federal court of California turned down the motion of Facebook looking for notice of the suit.

Facebook organized the motion in conflicting that the users could not file a complaint under the Illinois BIPA(Biometric Information Privacy Act) as they had determined in their users’ agreement that the law of California would govern their arguments with the company and that BIPA does not apply to "tag suggestions."

Even the court discovered that it applies the Illinois law as well as that the plaintiffs have confirmed an argue under BIPA.

The complainants had supposed that the feature of face recognition of Facebook that recommends "tags" on photos illegally gathered as well as stored the biometric data, in abusing of the Illinois BIPA.

And the case was filed by some Illinois inhabitants under Illinois law but the parties settled to move the case to the court of California and the court order proved.

Facebook also struck with proceedings over its plan to subject a new collection of last month.
In April, the company said that it will generate a new class of non-voting shares in a move that aimed at letting Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg that gives away his wealth without giving up the power of the social media juggernaut he founded.

However, facebook was not instantly available for any kind of comment.

Facebook has supposedly broken down the law by gathering the biometric data used for the tag suggestion features of the social network. Smashable quoted a statement that declared Facebook secretly has the world's largest privately seized database of biometric data of consumer.

Last week, in Illinois' Cook County Circuit Court one person Carlo Licata, has filed and he said that the Chicago Tribune reports that "never gave permission for Facebook to collect or store biometric data, nor was he notified or given an opportunity to prohibit or prevent it from doing so." 

Nevertheless, a Facebook spokesperson when the protecting the company said that the lawsuit of Licata was "without merit" as well as Facebook states that "defend ourselves vigorously."

As far as Facebook does offer the users have any option to disable the feature on photos of themselves. The lawyer of Licata said that this does not go far enough. Jay Edelson who is the attorney of Licata has said that "If he changed the privacy setting, that wouldn't change anything because (Facebook) had taken his data and they're holding on to it. There's no delete button." 

Facebook had launched the tag suggestions in 2010 to make the feature of tagging photos simpler. Facebook is recently working on a new type of facial recognition software called the DeepFace. The company said that this new feature could fetch "near human accuracy" to facial recognition.


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