Friday 20 May 2016

Hacker Steals $11000 From Bank And Donate To Anti ISIS Group

Hacker Steals $11000 From Bank And Donate To Anti ISIS Group

Hacker Steals $11000 From Bank And Donate To Anti ISIS Group.

Phineas Fisher who is also known as Hack Back that hacker who attacked to the Hacking Team in the last summer which disclosed on Reddit, that he hacked a bank as well as donate money to the Rojava autonomous Syrian province which made up primarily of Syrian and Turkish citizens of Kurdish descent.

The hacker refused to name of the bank which he hacked but disclosed all stolen money which was contributed to a campaign of Coop Funding that set up by Rojava locals that looking for resources to a project that gathers the waste of animal as well as human and then changes it into the natural fertilizer.

Rojava which is a region that made up of three areas in Northern Syria which are located between the territories of ISIS as well as the order of Turkish. The local people exhausted with the on-going religion-fueled war in Syria that generated an autonomous state where freedom of religion and sex equality is the average.

The area is in terrible required of help with the ISIS jamming off their contact to the trade in the south as well as with Turkey implementing one more obstruct in the north. Turkey doubts that the area of Kurdish situated in northern Syria that might flash a revolution of the minority of Kurdish, who might receive a bite out of the territories of Turkey to form their own state.

Rojava became popular in the international press after the New York Times and Al Jazeera marked with the various perspective that depicted an effective utopia right in the backyard of ISIS, where Muslims live with Christians and also where women have nothing to fear as well as even they fight beside the men against the ISIS.

Phineas Fisher took up the cause of region as his own and  also on May 5, he introduced that he provided the 25 Bitcoin to the fertilizer of the area’s infrastructure campaign. According to the price of today about $11,300.

On Reddit, even he recommended with the another hacker as well as hacktivists to help the cause, either by robbing the banks or even setting up the skimming campaigns of ATM and then distributing the money. 

As well as for more capable hackers, he suggested the report of Kaspersky on Carbanak, where the group of cybercriminal that robbed more than $1 billion from 100 banks across 30 countries in 2013 and 2014.


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