Wednesday 25 May 2016

The Operator Of Carding Site Extradited To Face US Criminal Charges On Selling Card Data

The Operator Of Carding Site Extradited To Face US Criminal Charges On Selling Card Data

Djevair Ametovski, 29, of Macedonia, was extradited from Slovenia to the US and that will available in court yesterday to face the charges of criminal for his role in which is a website that sold stolen the information of the credit as well as the debit card.

Ametovski, who went online as "codeshop," "sindrom," and "sindromix" was under arrest on January 22, 2014, in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Then after two years of legal battles, the US, with the help of authorities from Slovenia as well as the Netherlands, deal with to extradite the suspect.
The suspect purchased the data from attackers as well as then sold it on his site.

US officials are declaring that Ametovski was the man behind the website there is a registration-only portal where attackers could generate accounts and then purchase the information that is acquired from stolen credit card data.

Well, there Ametovski was the one in order of providing the data that authorities say that he acquired by purchasing from underground attackers, which in turn acquired it from schemes of phishing.

Whereas the portal that allowed the other hacks to identify the stolen information of credit card which is using the some kind of filters just like bank identification number, financial institution, country, state, and card brand.

As well as the data consisted the personal details which are related to the account holder, including email address, billing address, phone number, and account holder name.

Codeshop data that is used to generate the fake plastic cards.

And the authorities say that the criminals bought this information that is used it for another crime just like to carry out the fraudulent online transactions, or to generate the fake cards that they would use to steal the money from ATMs.

It is believed that Ametovski sold the information on over 181,000 different cards. Officially it calculates that hackers using this data imposed the millions of dollars in financial victims to card owners as well as the financial institutions all over around the world.

And the US Department of Justice introduced that they will charge the Ametovski with provoked identity theft which they access the fraud conspiracy of device and wire the fraud conspiracy.

The unique .SU domain which is used for the Codeshop portal places for the Soviet Union. Even if the Soviet Union that does not exist and Russian authorities that still manage this domain. Codeshop was existing on the Internet but not on the Dark Web.


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