Wednesday, 18 May 2016

This New Android Malware Hacks Your Credit Card Details As Well As Lock Your Phone

This New Android Malware Hacks Your Credit Card Details As Well As Lock Your Phone

This New Android Malware Hacks Your Credit Card Details As Well As Lock Your Phone 

A Russian security firm Dr.Web detected an Android Trojan which is known as Android.SmsSpy.88 developed in the last two years for spyware to bank accounts, now it becomes a mobile Ransomware threat.

  • A Trojan for Android designed to steal user login credentials needed.
  • To steal money from victims’ bank accounts. 
  • Android.SmsSpy.88.origin is distributed under the guise of benign applications—for example, Adobe Flash Player. 

Firstly it was discovered in April 2014, where the trojan was primarily scattered through an SMS spam as well as once it was affected  the victims then it was capable of interrupting the phone calls as well as SMS messages and generally it is used for two-factor authentication systems.

As the time passed, the Android.SmsSpy trojan developed as well as added the facility to phish for the details of the credit card which is using a Google Play Store-like interface as well as it shows the interstitials mimicking famous Russian bank logins.

Android.SmsSpy returns back with more strength as well as it became more powerful than ever.

And the biggest update occurred at the end of 2015, when Dr.Web says the trojan expanded the capability to phish for confidential data from approximately any kind of bank all over around the world, besides the ability to lock the screen of the user and invite for a ransom.

This raises due to the functionality of Trojan which is also had an effect on its distribution model that is switched from SMS spam to the fraudulent apps that are posing as an Android version of Adobe Flash Player.

Image by Dr.Web

Dr.Web also observed that the trojan initiated by using a very customizable bank for phishing popup system that permits the operators of the trojan to adjust the content of popup a lot of more simply as well as target any bank or payment processor which they had like.

Trojan is packed out of with complete features.

These latest versions of Android.SmsSpy required the executive human rights which are a stable Internet connection as well as that are packed with full of risky features.

These consist of the capability to send USSD requests with interrupt the MMS messages, send SMS spam to all phone contacts, exfiltrate the SMS messages and so on.

All of these that are deal with from C&C servers, as well as Dr.Web, claims it distinguished over 50 dissimilar master servers that are imposing as many different botnets.

Android.SmsSpy is borrowed from underground cyber-crime meetings.

A large number of various kind of botnets is described by the fact that is a creator of Android.SmsSpy is particularly busy with marketing as well as charging out his infrastructure to other attackers on the Dark Web.

The researchers of Dr.Web declares that Android.SmsSpy prepared victims in 200 countries as well as affected at least 40,000 mobile devices. The toughest-hit country was Turkey that was accounted for almost one-fifth of all infection that is followed by India, Spain, Australia, Germany, and France.

The most under attack Android version was 4.4 (35.71%) although Android.SmsSpy also affected most of all Android version between 2.3 and 5.2.

And this week Dr. Web reported that "Android.SmsSpy.88.origin acts not only as a banking Trojan and a spyware program but also as a ransomware Trojan, allowing attackers to make more money on gullible users.”


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