Thursday 26 May 2016

WPSCrackGUI: GUI Cracking For WPS Networks Reaver

WPSCrackGUI: GUI Cracking For WPS Networks Reaver

WPSCrackGUI is a graphical interface for wireless networks cracking WPS. And it is based on Reaver as well as it is one of the simplest GUI packages to attack Linux.

And it is also the nicest looking. By this package you can active monitor mode on your WiFi card as well as scan for some kind of networks using which are as follows:
  • Wash (WPS networks only)
  • WPSpy (WPS networks only)
  • WPScan (WPS networks only)
  • Airodump-ng (All encryption types)

Even you also have the alternative to change/spoof your MAC address via the app as well identify an individual channel and SSID. 


  • Operating System based on Linux.
  • Gambas 3.
  • Xterm.
  • Reaver-WPS v1.4.
  • Web browser (Firefox or Chrome).
  • Nautilus (already included in Debian Environments).
  • Python v2.6 (or higher) [for operation and WPScan WPSpy].
  • Scapy (2.0.1-1) [for operation and WPScan WPSpy].
  • LORCON v2 rc1 [for operation and WPScan WPSpy].


GNU Library or Lesser General Public License version 3.0 (LGPLv3)


  • It has graphical environment (GUI) Encryption cracking WPS.
  • It can work in multiple languages (Spanish, English, French and Portuguese)
  • Advanced with Generic Dictionary attack Inverso.
  • Advanced attack with Generic Dictionary.
  • Attack with Enhanced Advanced Dictionary.
  • Assisted update Reaver-WPS.
  • It has the database with PINs.
  • It can change the MAC Address.
  • It supported and Gtk.
  • Scanning networks.
  • PINCheck v1.0



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