Sunday 15 May 2016

Yahoo Mail Banned From US Congress IT Staff After The Service Fails To Flag Ransomware Attacks

Yahoo Mail Banned From US Congress IT Staff After The Service Fails To Flag Ransomware Attacks

Yahoo Mail Banned By US Congress Staff After The Service Fails To Flag Ransomware Attacks

The systems administrators for the House of Representatives have banned for the moment of the usage of the service of Yahoo Mail after saying that the service has unsuccessful to identify the mass phishing attacks distributing the ransomware.

According to an inside email which is sent to the Technology Service Desk to the house staff on April 30. And the system administrators disclosed an enhance of ransomware attacks on the IT network of house.

An unidentified source told Gizmodo which a ransomware affection an artificial at least one computer. Whereas the source said the IT staff deal with to separate it before permitting it to extend.
Staff maintains that hackers sent phishing emails declaring to be from identified senders. Hackers used both Yahoo Mail as well as the services of Gmail but primarily Yahoo.

The emails controlled malicious files of JavaScript surrounded by the attachments of the ZIP file that is a known method of affection which is used by most of the  modification of ransomware and also other types of malware.

The house staff said that the service of Yahoo Mail will stay blocked until additional notice. They also said mitigations to protect from the upcoming attacks that are also being put into place.

Preceding to infecting the House of Representatives where ransomware has also made victims in the middle of hospitals, water supply centers, churches, police centers, courthouses, schools, and also many other institutions. And in most of the cases, the organizations was infected that had to pay the ransom to open the infected computers.

Whereas the most famous ransomware utilizing the malicious files of JavaScript filled inside the ZIP files that is named as Locky. Recently the ransomware is undecryptable.

In order to reply, Yahoo being blocked and the company said, "We take the security of our users very seriously, and we're collaborating closely with House IT staff to ensure that they have the right solutions in place to best protect their accounts."

Officially house turn down to verify whether any kind of ransomware attack that had previously taken place because of that they were taking this excessive step. Nothing like corporates, a ransomware attack on the administration which goes beyond the financial loss and also it could expose the bills, memos, emails and even the information of government employee.

Yahoo Mail banned from US Congress due to increased ransomware attacks on the House network
The US Congressional IT department has banned access to Yahoo Mail in the House network due to increase in ransomware attacks in the past few days. As part of an effort to avoid malicious attacks on the network, several other apps including a bunch of Google Apps have also been blocked until they can be deemed safe.

Gizmodo reports that it has been able to access an e-mail from the House technology service desk warning representatives of increased ransomware attacks on the House network. It specifically tells the members that hackers are trying to target third-party email and other apps, like YahooMail and Gmail, and that YahooMail will be blocked with immediate effect until further notice.

The e-mail clearly mentions that the type of attacks is indeed ransomware related. Ransomware attacks involve injection of malicious software into systems designed to block access until a sum of money is paid. Recently, some hospitals and schools in the US were hit by similar attacks.


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