Thursday 12 May 2016

Zero Day Vulnerability Found In Flash Player Quick Patched By Adobe

Zero Day Vulnerability Found In Flash Player Quick Patched By Adobe.

Today Adobe said, one more zero-day vulnerability in its Flash Player application that the company says hackers are using in real-world attacks.

Adobe charged the vulnerability(CVE-2016-4117) as dangerous and also said that it infects the Adobe Flash Player as well as previous versions that running on Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and also in Chrome OS.

On Thursday, May 12, the company assured a piece for Flash. Adobe also says that the vulnerability is serious which allocating a hacker to collide Flash Player in a dangerous approach that could permit a hacker to have the power over of the infected system.

The company did not talk about that vulnerability but this attack seems like an RCE (i.e., remote code execution) vulnerability that has most typical Flash bugs which have a tendency to be. Although we are wondering.

Adobe attributed Genwei Jiang who is a security researcher from FireEye for finding the vulnerability.  Simultaneously, Jiang as well as the researchers of Proofpoint researchers that have also found a relatively Flash zero-day at last month. And for such type of that case, hackers used the zero-day to communicate the Gerber and Locky ransomware families.

As well the pre-patch announcement of Flash zero-day that the Adobe also introduced the security attaches for two products at the present day.

The company pushed a hotfix for the ColdFusion application server platform which attached the three security issues such as - CVE-2016-1113, CVE-2016-1114, and CVE-2016-1115.

Furthermore, Adobe Acrobat, as well as Reader, also established a whopping 92 security spaces that deal with all kind of vulnerabilities that varying from the issues of memory corruption to use-after-free vulnerabilities.

Source: SoftPedia


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