Sunday 19 June 2016

Ccrypt: A Tool For Encryption & Decryption Of Files

Ccrypt: A Tool For Encryption & Decryption Of Files

Ccrypt: A Tool For Encryption & Decryption Of Files

Ccrypt is a command-line utility for encrypting and decrypting files as well as streams. It replaces the old Unix crypt utility. It offers the strong encryption which is based on the Rijndael cipher, the cipher that is also used in the Advanced Encryption Standard.

And the replacement for the standard UNIX crypt utility, which is notorious for using a very weak encryption algorithm.

Ccrypt is based on the Rijndael cipher, the same cipher used in the AES standard. On the other hand, in the AES standard a 128-bit block size is used, whereas ccrypt uses a 256-bit block size. Ccrypt commonly uses the .cpt file extension for encrypted files.

It is extremely lightweight tool, the installation and use of this tool are pretty easy. Generally, using command line tool is considered to be complex as compared to a Graphical tool, but Ccrypt provides great ease as well as simplicity of the complex task of encryption. It is designed to overcome the shortcomings of standard Unix crypt utility.

  • It can let you encrypt literally everything, whether you have media, text, document, achieves etc. 
  • This tool uses AES algorithm on the backend, just like all other popular encryption utilities. 
  • It provides encryption facility on the basis of both, password and key file. 
  • It has design mechanism that after encrypting the file successfully, it removes the source file and currently no way to bypass this restriction.
  • It is a tiny application, extremely lightweight as it consumes almost no resources with almost no memory footprints. 
  • Installation and usage are extremely easy, it’s a must have app for Linux users.


GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)


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