Tuesday 21 June 2016

How To Hack Android Secure Gallery App Password From Application Backup

Hack Android Secure Gallery App Password

How To Hack Android Secure Gallery App Password From Application Backup?

Here is how you retrieve password of secure gallery app form its backup and see locked pictures in the app. This hack doesn't require rooted device. The security researcher Girish Shrimali shared the trick with us.

Technical Steps:
For example, if you want backup of mozilla android app then..

1. adb backup -f org.mozilla.firefox.ab -noapk org.mozilla.firefox

2. Device will ask if you want to backup  data, enter password and press backupdata.
it will create a file org.mozilla.firefox.ab, here .ab extension is for android backup.

3. java -jar abe.jar unpack org.mozilla.firefox.ab mozilla.tar 1234

here 1234 is password.

More steps:

1. Make sure you have installed Android SDK in your system which has ADB in it.

2. Download Android Backup Extractor (abe) utility in your system to extract and repack Android backups created with adb backup.

3. Connect your non-rooted android device with your system using USB cable.

4. In your Android device, go to settings > Developer options.
Turn On " developer options" and USB debugging"

5. Execute below command to make backup file of particular application

Watch Full Video for more steps to follow:

Note: By using same hack we can access application local storage, database files, preferences files etc.


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