Monday 13 June 2016

IP Filter Updater – uTorrent: Fake IP Addresses Filtering Tool

IP Filter Updater – uTorrent: Fake IP Addresses Filtering Tool

uTorrent users can gain from having naughty IP addresses that deleted from the torrent swarm. It can automatically filter the fake IP addresses in peer-to-peer file sharing programs through involving them in a list of users which should be ignored.

Even most of the users not working with peer-to-peer programs are aware of the fact that some of the addresses, actually they linked with fake and that file sharing utilities just like uTorrent which have policies which are enabled to prevent you against them.  

Filter Fraud IP Addresses In Bulk:

In the case of the abovementioned program, there is a tiny tool which can keep the list of prohibited IP address updated that’s why the chances to download a fake file or have your IP gathered by different organizations that are reduced.

Its name is uTorrent IPFilter Updater and the purpose is to keep the list of banned IP addresses up-to-date. This can protect the bandwidth and eliminates the risk of running into files that cannot actually be used.

Sheer Simplicity:

The program is no complexed thing to manage as well as all you have to do is run it and choose a provider that continues the list of addresses and starts the process of update.

The result should be a bigger number of IP addresses uTorrent ignores. By default, the features of filtering should be turned on in the program of file sharing. If it is not then there is a simple way to do it.

Simply dive into the panel of configuration as well as head to the higher section. Along with the options there should be an entry called “ipfilter.enable”; double-click it to turn it on and you are set.
For greatest results, uTorrent IPFilter Updater should be run on a normal basis as the list is continuously refreshed.


The application creates an easy way to ignore wasting the bandwidth on fake or corrupted data. Various way find it too easy because there are no pattern options available as well as a useful feature that would be the possibility to automatically download the newest list at a user defined time.


GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)


  • Slipstreamed install
  • One click update to uTorrent IP Filter
  • One-click current timestamp check
  • Look for other projects we have released, such as BlackBelt Privacy or BlackBelt Codec Pack.



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