Monday 20 June 2016

Malzilla: An Advanced Malware-Hunting Tool

Malzilla: An Advanced Malware-Hunting Tool

Malzilla is an advanced malware-hunting tool which is specialized for hunting web-based exploits, interpret obfuscated JavaScripts etc.

It can discover the HTML text, hex code, cookies as well as parsed links of web pages to consider any malicious activity by using this transferable tool.

Malzilla is a highly developed app which allows you to inspect the code of any web page as well as examine it for any errors or malware. It has designed for programmers, testers and also antivirus developers, but also for relaxed users interested enough to learn about malicious activity.

Portability Advantages:

There is no setup pack included that creates Malzilla portable that’s why you can just click its .exe file to begin the process and also copy the utility to a pen drive or any other removable storage unit to honestly run it on any PC effortlessly. Dissimilar most of the installers, it does not change the settings of Windows registry.

The interface is signified through a large window that does not put emphasis on appearance, yet it is quite easy to find the way. You can begin through the entering a URL to evaluate it.

Syntax highlighting is maintained that’s why you can simply tell blocks of code away from each other. Earlier than doing this, you can set the tool to use User Agent, cookies, proxy, referred, auto-set referred, and auto-redirect.

Inspect Text, Hex Code, Cookies & Parsed Links:

Malzilla has features to viewing as well as editing modes for text, hexadecimal code, cookies, and parsed links. It is possible to send scripts to decoders or text to the links parser, view a list with all available HTML objects and select any of them to jump to its entry in the web page code, open the HTML page in a built-in viewer to preview any code you have modified in the meantime, use a simple search tool to establish anything in the text, or format all code with one click.

Additionally, the program lets you repair as well as run scripts, replace or override eval(), work with a few ready templates or a Kalimero processor, investigate shellcode, check out log details, monitor the Clipboard, write notes, deobfuscate URLs, and so on.

Evaluation & Conclusion:

No error dialogs were shown in our tests, and the app did not hang or crash. It had a good response time as well as remain a small footprint on system performance. Even though it is not much to look at, Malzilla comes packaged with various powerful and accessible tools for studying web page code. It is definitely worth keeping around on the computer, especially since it is wrapped in the transferable form.


Mozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL 1.1)



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