Friday 3 June 2016

Study Revealed – Brazilian Companies Rank Worst Among Other Companies In Terms of Cyber Security

Study Revealed – Brazilian Companies Rank Worst Among Other Companies In Terms of Cyber Security

According to a disclosed report on Thursday, the Companies which were based in Brazil scored “very poorer” on an average with respect to cyber security pointers than those which were based in major world economies such as United States and China.

And the study from Massachusetts-based security rating company BitSight discovered that the companies of Brazil underworked on metrics just like the rates of machine cooperation, email security as well as the practices of file-sharing in an analysis that was conducted over the previous year.

Those companies were discovered to be more vulnerable to having the cooperated machines due to the infections of malware just like botnets that secretly control a computer network which is a major problem shared with American Companies.

That’s why the study said, "Brazil has significantly poorer performance than the other countries included in the study.”

According to a report, virtually half of the companies of Brazil involved in harmful peer-to-peer file sharing on their commercial networks and this rate is far higher than the quarter to a third of the companies discovered in other countries.

The report revealed that just only 11.6 percent of German companies occupied in peer-to-peer downloads, possibly due to the fines charged in that country for such activity.

However, the process of file sharing can be harmful to the network of the company if the source of the files is unidentified and as they may contain a malware.

The analysis of BitSight publicly inspected that it is an accessible network that provides an advantageous information from a random sample of 250 companies per country in Brazil, the United States, the UK, Singapore, Germany, and China.


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