Thursday 7 July 2016

Cyber Attack On Wikileaks Website Was Down

Cyber Attack On Wikileaks Website Was Down

The group of Hackers named OurMine claimed that they Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) Attack on Wikileaks Website, According to reports, the reason behind dispute with Hactivist group Anonymous.

Earlier OurMine Hackers group already done Cyber attack to down the Wikileaks Server in December 2015. OurMine claiming that they did DDOS Attack second time on Wikileaks website. Because Anonymous continued to harass the Hacking group since the doxxing took place.

Twitter suspended the account of OurMine. According to TheNextWeb report, After half an year, OurMine said that, one of Anonymous’ account holders has continued to abuse the group till today, it took down Wikileaks once again with another DDoS attack and intimated TNW about its actions. We contacted Anonymous but didn’t receive a reply.

Now Wikileaks website has completely restored.


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