Thursday, 22 September 2016
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Massive Data Breach Over 200 Million Users Yahoo Account: Report

Massive Data Breach Over 200 Million Users Yahoo Account: Report

Massive Data Breach on Yahoo! Service : report

  • Hackers breached Yahoo Servers.
  • 200 Million Users account Exposed.
  • Yahoo is reportedly expected to confirm with an official statement.

According to Recode,
The announcement, which is expected to come this week, also possible larger implications on the $4.8 billion sale of Yahoo’s core business — which is at the core of this hack — to Verizon.

The scale of the liability could be large and bring untold headaches to the new owners. Shareholders are likely to worry that it could lead to an adjustment in the price of the transaction.

According to Vice,

In August, Cybercriminal group named Peace claimed that, to have access and selling over 200 Million Yahoo user accounts from 2012 on the dark web for $1800. Included email id, username, passwords, birth-dates and more personal information

Our suggestion to do change your Yahoo Email Password. HOC will keep you update on this report.


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