Wednesday 14 September 2016

WADA Confirms They Got Hacked By Russian Hackers Group Fancy Bear

WADA Confirms They Got Hacked By Russian Hackers Group Fancy Bear

WADA Confirms They Got Hacked By Russian Hackers Group Fancy Bear.

  • World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) Got Hacked.
  • US Athletes Database Files Leaked online.
  • Hackers Group Claim to be a part of Anonymous.

According to report,
Wada Confirms Cyber attack by Russian Hackers name Tsar Team also known as Fancy Bear. Which gained  to access Anti-Doping Administration and Management System (ADAMS) database via an International Olympic Committee (IOC)-created account for the Rio 2016 Games.

“WADA deeply regrets this situation and is very conscious of the threat that it represents to athletes whose confidential information has been divulged through this criminal act,” said Olivier Niggli, Director General, WADA. “We are reaching out to stakeholders, such as the IOC, IFs and NADOs, regarding the specific athletes impacted,” he continued.

“WADA condemns these ongoing cyber-attacks that are being carried out in an attempt to undermine WADA and the global anti-doping system,” said Niggli. “WADA has been informed by law enforcement authorities that these attacks are originating out of Russia,” he continued. “Let it be known that these criminal acts are greatly compromising the effort by the global anti-doping community to re-establish trust in Russia further to the outcomes of the Agency’s independent McLaren Investigation Report,” Niggli continued.

Fancy Bear Cyber Espionage Group Start #OpOlympics- Photo by Fancy Bear

Cyber-Espionage Group released leaks files of high ranking US athletes including the tennis stars Serena Williams and Venus Williams and the gymnast Simone Biles, also promised that it would soon publish “sensational proof” of famous athletes taking doping substances.

Photo by Fancy Bear 

Simone Tweeted after the report,

Wada admitted that hackers access the database via Phishing attack using an account for RIO 2016.


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