Thursday, 8 December 2016

2017 Ultimate IT Security Kit (over $16 value!) FREE For A Limited Time

2017 Ultimate IT Security Kit (over $16 value!) FREE For A Limited Time

This IT Security Kit includes “Mobile Device Exploitation Cookbook” plus 3 other resources to help you understand IT security.
The 2017 Ultimate IT Security Kit compiles the latest information to help you decrease threat exposure and data loss. These resources cover the basics, the important developments, and unique approaches to reduce exploitation. Download this exclusive kit to gain all the knowledge you need to protect yourself and your business!

The following kit contents will help you continue your research on Security:

  • Mobile Device Exploitation Cookbook
  • How to Deal with Stealthier Phishing and Malware Attacks
  • The Top 5 Myths of Next-Gen Endpoint Protection
  • Second Edition DDoS Handbook: The Ultimate Guide to Everything You Need to Know About DDoS Attacks


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