Monday, 12 December 2016

TOR Releases Sandboxed-Tor-Browser 0.0.2 Alpha Version

TOR Released Sandboxed-Tor-Browser 0.0.2 Version

TOR Released Sandboxed-Tor-Browser 0.0.2 Alpha Version

Tor Sandboxed Browser 0.0.2 version is only available for Linux. Official binaries should be available sometime next week, though the version is still very much an alpha; so one can expect bugs, some potentially major ones said, Tor Developer Yawning Angel.

A sandbox is a security mechanism for separating running programs. It is often used to execute untested or untrusted programs or code, possibly from unverified or untrusted third parties, suppliers, users or websites, without risking harm to the host machine or operating system.


  •  A Gtk+3 based UI for downloading/installing/updating Tor Browser, configuring tor, and launching the sandboxed browser.  Think`tor-browser-launcher`, that happens to run Tor Browser in a bunch of containers.
  • Linux seccomp-bpf + namespace based containers for Tor Browser, that attempts to prevent/mitigate exploits and reduce the amount of personally identifiable information to a minimum, centered around bubblewrap (runtime dependency).

Known system incompatibilities:

 * 64 bit kernel, 32 bit userland is not supported.

 * X32 (x86_64 with 32 bit pointers) is not supported.  If you have to
   ask what this is, and how it's different from normal 32 bit x86, you
   don't have it.

 * Systems that do not store the dynamic linker/loader cache in
   `/etc/` in glibc 2.2 format are not supported.

 * Ubuntu does not have a sufficiently recent bubblewrap package
   available for any current release, up to and including `yakkety`
   (16.10).  The package that is available in `universe` SHOULD NOT be
   installed, and WILL NOT work.

You should little wait for full version.


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