Wednesday 11 January 2017

Windows Malware Analysis Essentials ($30 Value) FREE For a Limited Time

Windows Malware Analysis Essentials

Windows Malware Analysis Essentials ($30 Value) FREE For a Limited Time

Master the fundamentals of malware analysis for the Windows platform and enhance your anti-malware skill set.

This book will guide you on how to use essential tools such as debuggers, disassemblers, and sandboxes to dissect malware samples. It will expose your innards and then build a report of their indicators of compromise along with detection rule sets that will enable you to help contain the outbreak when faced with such a situation.

What you will learn:

  • Use the positional number system for clear conception of Boolean algebra, that applies to malware research purposes.
  • Get introduced to static and dynamic analysis methodologies and build your own malware lab.
  • Analyse destructive malware samples from the real world (ITW) from fingerprinting and static/dynamic analysis to the final debrief.
  • Understand different modes of linking and how to compile your own libraries from assembly code and integrate the codein your final program.
  • Get to know about the various emulators, debuggers and their features, and sandboxes and set them up effectively depending on the required scenario.
  • Deal with other malware vectors such as pdf and MS-Office based malware as well as scripts and shellcode.
Free offer expires on 18th Jan 2017.

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