Thursday, 4 May 2017

Hackers Online Club is Successfully Celebrating Sixth Anniversary

Hackers Online Club is Celebrating its Sixth Anniversary on 4th May 2017 Today.

We have started this site to share our knowledge on the dedicated platform to deliver latest Ethical Hacking Techniques; Cyber Security updates latest infosec news and updates for Hackers, Security researchers, Bug Hunters.

A big thank you to everyone who have helped us throughout this journey. We would always be in debt for your love & encouragement that has brought us to this stage of accomplishment & will take us further & this hope will continue in coming years as well. A Heartful Congratulations to everybody out there.

We would like to celebrate this success by honoring all our readers and friends who have helped us make this deed possible.

We have released our HOC Theme song last year with a band Balalaika. It is specially composed as theme song for Hackers Online Club website.

It comprises of crashing Riffs and heavy guitars with groovy rhythm and its a first time Band uses melodic instrument 'Balalaika' .

Watch Song

What's New?

HOC team is working on new service platform which will launch soon in the coming month. HOC team is thankful to all our students, readers, experts to support us.

Our Total Social Media Stats are 2.5 Million.

Stay Tuned with Us on Social Media Platform

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  1. i have an expert who is reliable in the game,i met him through a contact named Jessica and was scared at first to give a trust,after all i had encountered with previous hackers but glad to say didn't regret my actions as [email protected] helped me hacked into my ex phone and gave me proof i been in a lying ass relationship all along,i will forever be grateful to you [email protected],please contact him and tell him from Brenda as i owe him all my life for saving me at the moment.

  2. Hi my name is Mhalaika this is all the informataion I can tell u guy's.

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