Sunday 11 June 2017

New Mobile Ransomware Alert Similar Like WannaCry

New Mobile Ransomware Alert Similar Like WannaCry

Newly Detected Mobile Ransomware By Avast Security researchers as "WannaLocker". It is spreading through Chinese gaming forums. 

The Mobile Ransomware is imitating a plugin for the popular Chinese game King of Glory, which is how victims are being tricked into downloading the Ransomware.

China Hackers have developed a copycat version of WannaCry Ransomware to Target Android users. This ransomware works similar as WannaCry, it locks your mobile and asks to pay the Ransom.

Cybercriminals are spreading WannaLocker for Chinese Android users by encrypting files on the infected device's external storage. After infecting the mobile device, WannaLocker hides its app icon and changes the home screen Wallpaper to an Anime image.

To unlock ransom demands of 40 yuan (Approx $6) and demanded ransom in Chinese Payment methods like AliPay, QQ and WEChat.

How To Protect?

  • To protect your phone and valuable photos, videos, contacts stored on it from Ransomware.
  • Make sure you frequently backup your data and install antivirus on all of your devices.
  • Do not click unknown Link.

Previous, WannaCry Ransomware is affecting computers worldwide. It becomes the biggest Cyber Threat worldwide.

Approx 200,000 computers and 150 countries hit till now. Which including companies and National Health service. Some of the organisation didn't update their system that's the reason their systems are vulnerable to Ransomware attack.


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