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How To Reset Windows 10 Login Password if Forgot

How To Reset Windows 10 Login Password if Forgot

How To Reset Windows 10 Login Password if Forgot

Today, we are going to discuss about one of the most crucial questions asked on the blogs and the forums on how to reset Windows 10 login password if forgot? 

While password-protecting your computer is an excellent way to keep intruders and hackers away from your PC from accessing it but if you keep changing your password regularly and if you keep using strong and secure passwords then once in a while there’s a high chance that you may forget it.
If you somehow manage to forget the password and lock yourself out then remember it is not the end of your computer. You can easily reset Windows 10 login password by using few tweaks and tricks that we are about to share in this guide. We have always put your data securities as #1 priority and that’s why all the solutions given in this guide will cause no data loss at all. So embrace yourself, and get started with resetting Windows 10 password.

Solution #1: Reset Windows 10 Password by Resetting Microsoft Account Password

If you are using Microsoft account to encrypt your computer, then by simply resetting the password of your Microsoft account can easily resolve this issue for you. It is quite easy to modify the Microsoft account password and you can achieve it by following these steps.
Step 1. Visit using your favorite browser from a different computer or you can even use a smartphone.
Step 2. Choose “I Forgot My Password” from the given options and go to the next page.
Step 3. Answer all the questions correctly and go to the final page.
Step 4. If you have done everything correctly so far then you should be able to modify your Microsoft account password at this point.
Finally, apply the modifications and you may now use this new password to access your computer again.

Cons –

  • Doesn’t work with local, domain, root or administrator accounts.
  • A stable internet connection is needed to perform this method.

Solution #2: Reset Windows 10 Password By using Command Prompt

It is an old-school method where we will be using the famous command prompt to reset the password of your main account. Command prompt can perform some extra ordinary tasks related to the sub system of your computer and can also change the password of your computer even if you forget it.
Step 1. Insert the Windows bootable disk to your PC and restart it.
Step 2. On the login screen,  hit the Shift key 5 times and the command prompt  window will appear on the screen.
Step 3. Run the following command lines to reset your PC password –
Replace “XXXX” with your chosen password text and press Enter to reset your computer password.
Step 4. Remove the bootable disk and restart your PC. Your new password should work like charm now.

Cons –

  • Not a 100% guaranteed method that it will work.
  • Any mistyping of command may lock you out forever.

Solution #3: Reset Windows 10 Password with Windows Password Recovery Tool

The above solutions obviously have its own limitations that cannot be overlooked. Moreover, it required certain level of expertise to apple them. So, if you are looking for a better and easier way to reset your Windows 10 login password then you must take assistance from a professional Windows Password Recovery tool to reset your computer password without having any technical knowledge.
iSeePassword – Windows Password Recovery Pro ( Download here ) is a commercial desktop Windows password reset tool that can not only reset the password from your computer, it completely destroys it so that you can access your PC without entering any password at all. It doesn’t matter how long and strong password is used to encrypt your PC, this password reset tool can remove any strength of password within seconds.
Key Features of iSeePassword –Windows Password Recovery Pro
  • Bypass/Remove any length of password from your PC.
  • 100% assured no data damage.
  • Supported in all Windows OS versions including Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/95/98/2000 and other older Windows servers.
  • Add or remove existing user accounts from your PC.
  • Change the account started from administrator to normal.
  • Supported account types – local, administrator, Microsoft, root and domain.
To use the password reset tool, first you will be required to install the tool on an accessible computer that you could borrow from your friends. Then launch the program and create a password reset disk with your USB key or CD/DVD. Hit the “Burn USB” or “Burn CD/DVD” button from the home screen of the tool and wait for the program to create the password reset disk.
Once the password reset disk is created, you can eject it and plug it into your locked system.
Reboot your locked PC and keep pressing F8 button to launch the boot menu. Choose the USB flash drive to boot from and the password recovery program should appear on the monitor screen.
You are almost done! Simply select the Windows version (Example – Windows 10) and the main user account registered on your PC. Now, click on the “Reset Password” button followed by “Restart”.
BAM!! The password from your computer is now magically disappeared and you may access your computer normally without any password at all.

Conclusion –

Resetting Windows 10 password is not that challenging when you know the tricks to remove the password from your computer. iSeePassword – Windows Password Recovery Pro has helped millions of desperate customers to reset their computer password and it has succeeded every time. Remember to setup a new password again for your computer after you reset it so that you can keep the strangers away from your PC.


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