Tuesday, 3 October 2017
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Tulpar: A Open Source Web Vulnerability Scanner

Tulpar: A Open Source Web Vulnerability scanner

Tulpar: A Open Source Web Vulnerability scanner

Tulpar is a open source web vulnerability scanner for written to make web penetration testing automated. 

Tulpar has the following features.

-Sql Injection (GET Method)
-XSS (GET Method)
-E-mail Disclosure
-Credit Card Disclosure
-Command Injection (GET Method)
-Directory Traversal (GET Method)
-File Include (GET Method)
-Server Information
-Technology Information
-X-Content-Type Check
-X-XSS-Protection Check
-TCP Port Scanner
-robots.txt Check
-URL  Encode
-Certification Information
-Available Methods
-Cyber Threat Intelligence
-File Input Available Check


git clone https://github.com/anilbaranyelken/tulpar.git
cd tulpar
pip install -r requirements


  python tulpar.py action web_URL
  action      Action: full xss sql fuzzing e-mail credit-card whois links
              portscanner urlEncode cyberthreatintelligence commandInjection
              directoryTraversal fileInclude headerCheck certificate method
              IP2Location FileInputAvailable
  web_URL     URL

Download Tulpar


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