Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Google Releases Apple iOS Jailbreak Exploit

Google Releases Apple iOS Jailbreak Exploit

Google Releases Apple iOS Jailbreak Exploit 

Last week, Google discovered iOS Exploit. But now the kernel vulnerability has been publicly released.

The Google Security researcher released 'tfp0' iOS 11 Jailbreak Exploit. You can check the details here.

Google's Project Zero Security Researcher Ian Beer was told to share the iOS exploit this month so now he tweeted about the details of exploit.

He tweeted,

The security researcher published details about 'async_wake' exploit and gets tfp0 on all 64-bit devices plus an initial PoC local kernel debugger.

Beer said the technique for the exploit "should work reliably enough for a security research tool", claiming he had successfully used it nine out of ten times.

Earlier version of Apple operating systems are also vulnerable and Apple is still signing for iOS 11.1.2, it means iOS users are vulnerable with the current version too.

Beer confirmed his exploit works on iPhone7, iPhone 6s, iPod, if they are running on iOS 11.1.12 and he has tested his exploit on Macbook Air 5.2 and MacOS 10.13 too.

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