Thursday, 4 January 2018
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Crips IP Tools To Get Information About IP Addresses, Web Pages And DNS Records

Crips IP Tools To Get Information About IP Addresses, Web Pages And DNS Records

Crips IP Tools: This Tools is a collection of online IP Tools that can be used to quickly get information about IP Address's, Web Pages and DNS records.


  • Whois lookup
  • Traceroute
  • DNS Lookup
  • Reverse DNS Lookup
  • GeoIP Lookup
  • Port Scan
  • Reverse IP Lookup
  • Exit

Whois lookup

Determine the registered owner of a domain or IP address block with the whois tool.


Using mtr an advanced traceroute tool trace the path of an Internet connection.

DNS Lookup

Find DNS records for a domain, results are determined using the dig DNS tool

Reverse DNS Lookup

Find Reverse DNS records for an IP address or a range of IP addresses.

GeoIP Lookup

Find the location of an IP address using the GeoIP lookup location tool.

Port Scan

A simple TCP Port Scan to quickly determine the status of an Internet facing service or firewall.

Reverse IP Lookup

Discover web hosts sharing an IP address with a reverse IP lookup.


To install the tools directly in the system and get new update directly using terminal

Installation Linux alt tag

[✓] git clone

[✓] cd Crips && python


[◉] -> 0

[✓] press 0

[✓] Congratulation Crips is Installed !

Installation Windowsalt tag

[✔] Download python

[✓] Download Crips

[✓] Extract Crips into Desktop

[◉]Open CMD and type the following commands:

[✓] $cd Desktop/Crips-master/

[✓] $python

Download Crisp


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